Standing Out in the Food and Drink Industry

One of the biggest factors for any start up business no matter what the industry is their branding and marketing. This is what really makes your business stand out from the crowd, makes you commercially viable and ultimately makes you money. Of course having a great product or service is the perfect foundation, but if no one knows it exists, trusts it or knows how to access it then you certainly won’t stand out and profits won’t be anywhere near as successful as they could be. These are four of the key elements in helping your food & drink business stand out from the crowd:

The Product: Test, test and test again. Gather feedback (adapt if necessary) and then gather some more. A great product is a great foundation to your business so make sure you know it tastes the best it can taste, it’s presented in the best way it can be presented and that your target audience loves it has much as you do.

Packaging: If your branding doesn’t shine then it will get lost in and amongst a crowded food & drinks industry, the supermarket shelves can be a difficult place to make an impact, so your packaging really needs to do a lot of talking.

Be Honest: Communication is key and if you loose your customers trust then you won’t get repeat custom, good word of mouth sales or good press which can be really damaging to your company image.

Outreach: Getting on the right footing with journalists and bloggers is a fantastic way to gain really good quality marketing. Make sure your product has story or USP that can be bought into and then sell that to the most relevant journalists and bloggers for your particular product.

The good news is that there are a number of sources out there for helping you with your new business start up and from some really big brands too. Barclays bank for example offer some great start up advice and Virgin StartUp are another fantastic source of advice. I’ve added a link here to just one of the many helpful vids they have on offer, it is a great round up of industry related professionals who give some fantastic guidance on branding and marketing in the Food industry.